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Patient-centric Platform StudiLine provides information for patients about the clinical trial and access to groundbreaking treatment by enabling direct contact to the Trial Doctors in your region.

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Benefits of participation in clinical trials

You may get a treatment before it is available on the market.

You will receive extensive medical care.

By taking part in a clinical trial patient receive the information they need.

You will support the research efforts and help others.

Will patient healthcare be affected?

Clinical trials are carefully designed and monitored to ensure the safety of patient volunteers. Clinical trials are required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before any medication can be used by the general public. Your routine treatment will performed further, as your doctor will care for you exactly as befor your participation in clinical study.

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Who is StudiLine?

Studiline is patient web-platform for clinical research.

Studiline supports Investigator Sites, CROs and other research companies with patient recruitment for clinical research.

Where are clinical trials conducted?

Clinical trials are taking place in Investigator Sites, including doctors’ practices, hospitals or universities.

Online Patientenplattform für klinische Studien

How it works?

The study will be announced online for region of Investigator Site for the population that fit the target group.

Interested subjects can respond to online marketing activities and contact Investigator Site via phone- or tele-call for details and sign up to volunteer for the trial.

Investigator Site will perform short pre-evaluation phone- or tele-call and if suitable to invite subjects and re-fine the suitability.

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